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Audiovisual performance

Francesco Canavese and Francesco Giomi, sound & live electronics
INFLUX Federico Fiori and Francesca Lenzi, live video

An audiovisual experience that starting from references to futuristic music leads to a musical universe full of sounds from the industrial society and everyday life, processed and organized in different types of rhythmical and gestural structures.


Evocative reproduction of sounds and their live processing interact with strongly improvised expressive methods, in a journey of research touching cinema and concrete music as well. The search for abstract forms derived from “natural” ones, synesthesia and the intensification of colour as a means of emotional-imaginary communication are the structure over which the visual works moves, in search of an immersing form of performance.  

Sdeng: born of the collaboration between Francesco Canavese and Francesco Giomi at Tempo Reale. Canavese, guitarist and composer of jazz music as well as expert of music technology, has specialized over recent years at Tempo Reale in performing live electronics. Giomi, composer and sound projectionist, collaborates with important choreographers, directors and performers; his works of electronic music are performed on many occasions and awarded in international prizes.

InFlux: visual experimental project born in Pistoia of the collaboration between Federico Fiori and Francesca Lenzi united by the interest in video and its interactions with space and sound. InFlux operates between video-art, live performance and photography, their works experiment with the artistic possibilities offered by digital technologies, mixing different styles and techniques in search of unusual forms of expression. The research carried on by InFlux focuses on the relationship between body, mind and space; on the perception of “reality” and “everyday life” and the interpretation process they undergo through the human mind: reality becomes images and images become reality, vision becomes “cerebral vision”. Body, mind and space as containers of experiences, through which physical reality and mental space melt together modifying the perceived reality.
Dim lights Dim lights


Prato - Museo Pecci, 25 September 2008
Carpi - Biblioteca Multimediale, 6 Febraury 2009
Cascina - La città del teatro, 3 April 2009
Ghent (Belgium) - Logos Foundation, 22 October 2009
Wien - Alte Schmiede, 18 December 2010
Bologna - Festival perAspera, 15 June 2012
Bologna - Festival Imago, 24 may 2013



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