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Patrizio Barontini

Composer, he studied at the Music Conservatories of Florence and Parma and attended many specialization courses, conventions and meetings, achieving performances, awards and scholarships. He profitably met some of the greatest composers of our times, such as Grisey, Berio, Harvey, Lachenmann, Sciarrino, Kurtág, Ferneyhough. Because of his care for the musical education of children he is holding propaedeutic courses at the Music Conservatory of Florence and he collaborates with the Musical Institutes of Lucca and Modena, with primary schools and schools of music and dance, besides various other cultural institutions in Northern-Central Italy. He participated in conferences on education and held update courses on late 19th century Music. Since 2004 he collaborates with Tempo Reale and on its behalf he directed various experiences of sound design for installations and art exhibitions produced by public institutions and private foundations (Comune di Milano, RAI, Fondazione Dalmine, Renzo Piano Building Workshop, etc.). He teaches composition and basic harmony at the Music Schools of Prato and Imola.

Lelio Camilleri

camilleriProfessor of Electronic Music at the Conservatory of  Music G.B. Martini, Bologna.
He also teaches music related subjects at the Master in Multimedia and the program in Theories of Communication  of the University of  Florence.
His compositional output is mainly electroacoustic. His works have been  performed in  Europe, North America, South America, Australia, and New Zealand, broadcast by the Italian, Belgian, Australian and Argentine Radios and received  national and international awards. Three of his works are available on CD.
His research work concerns with the analysis of electroacustic music and the sonic  communication in the various multimedia contexts. He has presented his research in several international conferences, lectures and publications.
He realized the music and the sound design for the interactive multimedia installation POINT AT, placed in the Sala di Lorenzo, Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Firenze.
His book Il Peso del Suono (Apogeo, Milan) was published in 2005.
He received a commission from the RAI Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale for a piece for ensemble and electronics, premieried in Torino, on January 2007.
He received a commission from INA/GRM for an acousmatic piece performed during the Multiphonies concert series in June 2009.

Francesco Canavesefc

Expert in music technology, guitarist and composer; he began his professional career as guitarist in 1995; at the same time he also wrote music soundtracks for some theatre performances. In 2000 he starts an intense cooperation with Tempo Reale, working along with italian and foreign composers and musicians. In 2001 he was responsible for live electronics in the project – conceived by Luciano Berio, of rewriting the “The Art of Fugue” by Bach. In 2002 he joined the production staff of “Il Principe costante” by Battistelli/Pier'alli (Metastasio Theatre of Prato) and he also participated in the production of the sound installation Tempo Libero designed for the inauguration of Renzo Piano’s Auditorium in Rome. In 2004 he took part in the performance of Ofanìm by Luciano Berio. Since 2003 he regularly collaborates with the center to the production of concerts, dance performances, sound installations, studio recording and editing and original projects with artists like Stefano Bollani and Ugo Chiti, Virgilio Sieni, Uri Caine, Jim Black.

Francesco Casciaro

fcsMusician, arranger/composer, sound designer and audio technician. He studied at the DAMS University (Disciplines of the Performing Arts, Music and Film) until 2008 and later he graduated in "Interactive Music for Digital Arts" course at the APM School in Saluzzo.He continued his training in Computer Music and Live Electronics at Tempo Reale, focusing his interest on sound design, software environments for live performances and sound spatialization. Since 2009 he collaborates with the centre both as a studio assistant and in the staff for the latest musical productions. Recently he is interested in the creation of interactive systems for inter-media performances and installations.

Tommaso Dini

Composer, teacher, sound projectionst. Graduated with first class honours he is now attending post-graduate courses in Composition with Azio Corghi and Film Score Composition with Luis Bacalov at the Accademia Musicale Chigiana. Composer of electronic and acoustic works he researches in the field of new technologies applied to music, especially focusing on real time man-machine interaction and its application to musical education. As a performer and sound projectionist he takes care of his and other composers’ works featuring live electronics. He constantly works with audio recordings. Since 2005 he cooperates with the educational department of Tempo Reale.

Daniela Fantechi  

Daniela FantechiGraduated with first class Honours in Master of Musicology at University of Florence in 2009, she is studying Music Composition at Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini in Florence since 2006, with Rosario Mirigliano and Paolo Furlani. She attended several seminars and workshop, in Italy and abroad with Beat Furrer, Helmut Lachenmann, Daniele Bravi, Toshio Hosokawa, Mark Andre. Daniela specialized in Pedagogy and Music for children with the course Musica Bambina, in Pisa, since February to June 2009. After that she worked with children in Teatro Verdi di Pisa and in many schools in Florence and in Pisa. Since 2012 she is been collaborating with Tempo Reale on several projects. Since 2010 she is part of a collective of musicians from different backgrounds focused on radical improvisation and on performing contemporary composers’ graphic scores.

Andrea Ferrara (ONGAKUAW)

ferraraGraduated in classical guitar, he approaches electronic music in the early Nineties attending the summer courses at the Center for Computational Sonology and then studying further with Alvise Vidolin. He graduates in 2005 in electronic music at the Music Conservatory in Parma. He is a member of Associazione di Informatica Musicale Italiana and of IXEM (Italian EXperimental Music) for which he took part in a recently released compilation of italian composers. He also cooperates with Tempo Reale, holding lessons on digital audio, and the MARTlab center of the Music Conservatory of Florence, where he studies the algorithmic compositional strategies in the work of Pietro Grossi. He has various works for solo tape and for tape and traditional instruments under his belt, some of which have been awarded at international contests for electronic music. He writes music for performances, dance and installation art. He has produced the musical ambience for the Imaginary Offer video by russian director A. Tarkovskij. Presently he composes and works at the Ongaku Studios in Florence and teaches Cosmology at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa.

Francesco Giomi

fg-web2009Composer and sound projectionist, he has collaborated with Luciano Berio and other relevant composers, musicians, choreographers and condactors besides orchestras and ensembles from Italy and abroad. He has lead the live electronics staff of Tempo Reale in theatres and festivals all over the world. He has been writing about new technologies applied to music for many years; since 2001 he collaborates with choreographer Virgilio Sieni; in 2003 and 2009 he obtained commissions for new musical works from GRM of Paris, while in 2007 he won the International Rostrum of Electroacoustic Music held in Lisbon. His works are regularly performed all over the world in festivals and concerts of contemporary music. His music is selected for and awarded by italian and foreign festivals. His book on digital music “Rumore bianco. Introduzione alla musica digitale” (White Noise. An Introduction to Digital Music) has been recently released by Zanichelli. He is teacher of electronic music at the Music Conservatory in Bologna.

Andrea Gozzi

Andrea GozziMusician and musicologist. Graduated in 2007 in DAMS (Drama, Arts and Music Studies) at the University of Florence and in 2009 in Musicology, at the same University. Graduated in 2010 in C.A.O (composition assitée par ordinateur) at the music department of Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint Denis University in Paris. Parallelly he started in 2003 his own career as a guitarist, collaborating with well-known Italian and international artists, taking part in events like Musicultura Festival (2003), Live8 a Roma (2005), MTV Live (2006) and many others, playing in France, Germany, Canada, Great Britain and U.S.A. Since 2011 he teaches Computer Music at the Accademia della Musica in Volterra (PI) and at the B. Bonarelli Music School in Follonica (GR). Since 2007 he is the head of the Follsonica Summer Festival. Since 2011 he started a collaboration with Tempo Reale in the fields of education and production.

Stefano Luca

lucaArchitect, electronic music composer, teacher. He has been committed for years to the development and testing of software instruments for sound creation especially addressed to children, and to the design of innovative Musical Workshops involving digital technologies for primary school. Since 1999 he collaborates with Tempo Reale as educational planner, researcher, laboratory teacher, and teacher trainer; he speaks at national and international conventions on music education and he has written articles for various books and magazines in the field. He cooperates with choreographers, videomaker and architects for the production of music applied to dance, video and display areas.

Elisabetta Macumelli

With a degree in English, Spanish and French, she begins her professional experience in the management of international customers for such firms as Nuovo Pignone, Cepisa International, IRIS SpA, where she developed sharp analytical and problem solving skills. In 2004 she enters the field of Arts and Cultural Management and begins her collaboration with ArtificioSkira, a company for the organization of art exhibitions, taking part in the production of exhibitions like “Marc Chagall. A master of ‘900” (GAM, Turin), “Robert Mapplethorpe. Between ancient and modern” (Palazzina delle Belle Arti, Turin) e “Masterworks of ancient Nigeria” (Palazzo Strozzi, Florence). In such occasions she was direction assistant, catalogue edition coordinator, bookshop designer and production manager. Since 2006 she collaborates with Tempo Reale in the  organization of events (concerts, workshops, musical meetings, sound installations) produced both in Italy and abroad.

Damiano Meacci

damianoMusician, researcher and live electronics expert, he fulfilled his studies at the Music Conservatory of Florence and Bologna. Since 1996 he collaborates with Tempo Reale as a member of the production staff; in this context he worked on the production of Berio’s last works with electronics at Teatro alla Scala on Milan, Châtelet Theatre in Paris, Queen Elisabeth Hall in London, Ravenna Festival, Carnegie Hall in New York, Kioi Hall in Tokyo and Auditorium in Rome. Still within his cooperation with Tempo Reale he worked on the production of big sound installations and musical events of various nature. He has also collaborated with great national and foreign artists like Battistelli, Jim Black, Caine, Guarnieri, Van Hoecke, Daniele Lombardi, David Moss, Pier’alli, Pousseur and Ronconi and he supervised the performance of works from the greatest composers from the 20th  century. During the last years he has been carrying on an intense teaching activity both with Tempo Reale and with other institutions like the Music Conservatory of Bologna. Since academic year 2007/2008 he is teacher of Electronic Music at the Music Conservatory of Avellino.

Roberta Porciani

roberta-porcianiAccountant and expert in administration she started working right after her degree as administration employee. In 1982 she started the activity of fiscal and commercial consulting as co-holder of a professional firm, and from 1991 to 1993 she is director of a company for administration services working especially with cooperative societies (Consag Srl). From 1994 to 1997 she is member of a consulting co-op (Crestat Scrl) oriented towards Public Authorities where she is in charge of accounting and administrative interventions for the public administration. After one year off for pregnancy and maternity reasons, she is Administrative Manager for the Krypton Theatre Company from 1998 to December 2007. Since January 2008 she is in charge of the accounting and administrative office of Tempo Reale.

Antonella Radicchi

Antonella Radicchi is an architect and researcher in Urban Design.
She is also the editor of the tender soundmap of Florence (www.firenzesoundmap.org) Antonella undertook doctoral research both at the SA+P, MIT (USA) and at the Faculty of Architecture, Florence (IT).
 Her dissertation "On the sonic image of the city. Designing soundscapes in the contemporary city” was awarded of the 2010 INU Award, for the best dissertation in Urbanism, and the 2012 Research Award – City of Florence, for the best dissertations to be published. Antonella has taught and lectured both in Italy and abroad, and since 2011 she collaborates in research projects with Tempo Reale. Her recent works include research and design related to "Sensuous Urbanism”, focusing on soundscapes in the contemporary city to combine the design of both physical and sonic urban spaces. The study of the relationship between sounds and emotions is also one of her field of research.

Kilian Schwoon

foto_ksBorn in Hanover, Germany, in 1972. He studied composition with Nicolaus A. Huber and electronic composition with Dirk Reith at the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen and continued his research at Centro Tempo Reale in Florence with Luciano Berio. His interest in combining vocal, instrumental and electronic resources led him also to an intense activity as a performer and researcher in the field of live electronics, with a focus on realizing Berio's projects at renowned concert venues worldwide. His compositions have been performed at various festivals (ISCM World Music Days, Witten, Nuova Consonanza etc.) by musicians such as Ensemble Modern, Ictus, L'art pour l'art and Schlagquartett Köln. Furthermore, he is often involved in audiovisual projects, collaborating for instance regularly with the choreographer and director Claudia Lichtblau. Since 2007 he is professor for electronic composition at the University of the Arts Bremen.

Tommaso Selvetti

Master’s degree in Foreign Languages and Literature from the University of Florence, technical degree in Interactive Music for Digital Arts from the APM School in Saluzzo (CN). Self-learned musician and expert in sound technologies, he deepens his knowledge of digital technologies applied to sound and music at Tempo Reale and since 2006 he regularly takes part in many productions and educational activities as well as in the maintenance and updating of the technical equipment of the center. He works as sound engineer in studio and live and as sound designer for audiovisual products. Within the cultural association "Cambiamusica!" he cooperates with the local public administration in initiatives for cultural promotion and live music.

Loredana Terminio

Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages and Literature from the Università Cattolica Milano in 2004. Master’s Degree in Organisation and Communication of Cultural Events from the same University in 2005. She moved to Florence in 2006 in order to make an internal at the musical center Tempo Reale. Lately, she worked as production assistant for the theatre company Occupazioni Farsesche and collaborated with Teatro Puccini of Florence in the arrangement of various events during the Fi.Esta Festival in summer 2007. She has been production assistant during the staging of the italian singer Vasco Rossi's concert (July 2007) and Ligabue's (June 2008) at the Artemio Franchi Stadium of Florence. She has collaborated as assistant director to the shooting of the performance “Ubu Buur” by the theatre company Teatro delle Albe in Ravenna. She collaborates with Tempo Reale as coordinator of some musical and scientific education projects and as assistant in the organisation of concerts and other musical events. She collaborates also with the Association Firenze dei Teatri.


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