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Home Production Alvin Curran & Tempo Reale


Alvin Curran & Tempo Reale

TransDadaExpress in space

Alvin Curran, keyboard and sampler
Francesco Canavese and Francesco Giomi, sound projection


American musician and pioneer of electronic sampling, Curran was the founder of Musica Elettronica Viva in 1966, which was one of the first improvisational groups in the worldwide scene and which developed his research in direct contact with musicians such as Cage, Scelsi, Riley, Braxton, Cardew, Evangelisti. In "TransDadaExpress" he developed a particular language of composition and performance tied to the use of sampling techniques, a  language that lead him to explore a varied world of sounds, from urban soundscape to preexisting music and embark on a voyage of great richness and suggestion.  The project, enriched by the sound projection performed by Tempo Reale, is a journey in search of imaginary sonic worlds.

Video excerpts - Alvin Curran@Fosfeni 2010

9 april 2010
Cascina (PI), Fosfeni/La città del teatro


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