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Home Production ESSE DI SALOMÈ

Sound theatre from Mallarmé

by Sonia Bergamasco and Francesco Giomi


Freely taken from Erodiade by Mallarmé (translation by Cosimo Ortesta)

Voice: Sonia Bergamasco
Sound design and projection: Damiano Meacci
Live electronics: Francesco Canavese
Lights: Paolo Pollo Rodighiero
Scenic objects: Lorenzo Pazzagli

Esse di Salomè is a work for sound theatre conceived by Sonia Bergamasco (one of the most respected young actresses in the Italian scene) in collaboration with Tempo Reale. The project stems from a desire to explore the possible directions that vocal research can undertake thanks to new technology and to find in Mallarme's text, "Herodias," a captivating pretext full of stimuli.  Salomè's character, with her great sensuality and ambiguity, is what actually allows the author to express himself. In addition, Esse di Salomè introduces a new style of poetry that utilizes innovative words and terms to create evocative resonances, impressions, analogies and multiple meanings. The electronic medium comes face to face with this suggestive world, where the text is expressed by the use of the voice. Live electronics can expand, amplify and deconstruct the path of the voice and text, giving them a dramatic form tied to space and improvisation.

Video excerpts - EsseFlorence, Tempo Reale Festival/Cango, 6-7 october 2009
Moscow, Monodrama festival "SOLO", 24 october 2010
Milan, Franco Parenti Theater, 16-21 november 2010
Castiglioncello, Armunia, 3 june 2011
Buti (PI), Teatro Francesco di Bartolo, 3 march 2012
Torino, Festival delle Colline Torinesi, 12-13 giugno 2012
Bergamo, Teatro Sociale, 16 novembre 2012



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