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9 october – VILLA STROZZI (h. 6pm)

TR_PLAYLIST #6 / England - with Denis Smalley

Introduction by Lelio Camilleri

playlist Denis Smalley is one of the most important composer of electroacoustic music. Born in New Zealand he lives in England
where in the last twenty years he has contributed to found the mythical “British School”. His concert is included in the Playlist series, created for Tempo Reale studios at Villa Strozzi and dedicated to musicians from around the world who are asked to propose - in the form of an “acousmatic concert” (music that is projected in space only through loudspeakers) - a selection of their own compositional work.

Denis Smalley - Wind Chimes (1987)
Denis Smalley - Ringing Down the Sun (2002)
Denis Smalley - Resounding (2004)

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