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palazzovecchio2LISTENING CITIES

LIST is a project carried out in the Grundtvig Partnership program. It wants to promote the international mobility to increase the competences and the experiences through the listening of soundscapes and the discussion on the acoustic communication in the urban contexts. The project is carried out by the following partners:

Tempo Reale
, Florence (Italy)
University of Salford, Manchester (United Kingdom)
GMVL, Lyon (France)
Alte Schmiede, Wien (Austria)
EPHMEE, Corfu (Greece)



How does the city change, beginning from an analysis of perceived sounds? How does the urban context of affiliation develop itself in the time and in relationship with its location to other situated contexts in other European geographical areas? How to communicate and to teach these topics?

During the project partners could interact comparing each other through different methods in the project sharing, declining various typologies of activities:

  • Discussion and exchange events about the deep meaning of landscape, conceived as historical patrimony for the collectivity;
  • Presentations and listening of  sound contexts  coming from different cities and realized by sound artists and European musicians;
  • Realization of sound installations to investigate the relationship between the sound and the architectural space inside the same urban context which integrate, besides, different experiences and creative sensibility;
  • Formative activities for adults about the sound landscape themes;
  • Seminars and round tables held by partners in which are specified the gotten results and the possible developments of the investigation field.

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