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by Virgilio Sieni

with Fosco Sieni and Virgilio Sieni
Sound design and live electronics: Francesco Giomi and Francesco Canavese

Production: Compagnia Virgilio Sieni, Tempo Reale
In collaboration with the 35th Festival Internazionale Santarcangelo dei Teatri

OSSO (Bone) distinguishes itself from the other episodes by the presence of Fosco Sieni, the choreographer’s father.

The intergenerational mirror-imagery comes forth in the echo that unites the son’s movements to those of the father, in the appearance of signs – the sweets that are sniffed and passed from one hand to the other – that surface from a private archive.
In this temporal bubble – in which you become part of a time that can pause or discontinue – infancy makes itself a transcendent condition, a secret homeland evoked by a lyricism held within the measure of a fragment.  For the audience, the action becomes an instrument for identifying with one’s own memories, a dreamlike sacrament in which the concrete and the immaterial unite in an anticipated plot of resonances that evade any single perspective.
The apparent extraneousness of actions to an elementary and indecipherable time clears a space in which thought and experience are still the same thing, in which language exposes its own limitations, and biography turns itself into a shared mystery.
But the mystery lets itself be interfered by the ludic – necessary so that sacred time can dissolve into human time – allowing a smile to come forth, a smile in which fairy tale and primordial echoes take center stage.
And the voice, like the body that generates it and from which it is emitted, creates an archaic sonority in which we cannot isolate intelligible phonemes one from the other.  In this way, thanks to the invisible technology of Tempo Reale, a conversation between father and son is transformed into a sequence of obscure sounds, perhaps to be deciphered without our knowing it on some distant planet. (Andrea Nanni)

Video excerpts - Osso

ImagesPerformances with Tempo Reale:

- Santarcangelo (I), 35.mo Festival Santarcangelo dei Teatri, july 2-3, 2005
- Stuttgart (D), Forum Neues Musiktheater, february 3, 2006
- Florence (I), Festival Oltrarno Atelier, june 8-9, 2006
- Modena (I), VIE festival, october 24, 2006
- Marseille (F), Le Merlan Scène Nationale à Marseille, march 24-25, 2007
- Bruxelles (B), La Biennale Charleroi-Danses, april 5, 2007
- Florence (I), Festival Oltrarno Atelier, june 27-28, 2007
- Ferrara (I), Teatro Comunale, december 5, 2007
- Avignon (F), Festival D'Avignon, july 12-13-14, 2008
- Florence (I), Tempo Reale Festival - Teatro della Pergola, october 10-11, 2009
- Piacenza (I), Teatro Municipale, april 1, 2011
- Ljubljana (SLO), Festival Exodos, april 21, 2011
- Venice (I), La Biennale Theater, october 16, 2011


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