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21 novembre 2008, ore 21:30 - 22:00 - 22:30


Produzione: Tempo Reale

Ideazione: Ongakuaw
Musica e live electronics: Lelio Camilleri, Sara Lenzi, Luigi Mastandrea, Ongakuaw, Andrea Sarto

Phonomachia is a collective musical project that brings together five electro-acoustic contemporary composers from the Italian musical scene (Camilleri, Lenzi, Mastandrea, Ongakuaw, Sarto) involving them all in a performative comparison. This creative short-circuit takes place using live electronic instruments distributed in five positions from which the musicians operate. Every position sends and receives signals from the other positions; it has the possibility of influencing/disturbing the flow of sound that is produced from the various positions, in addition to plagiarizing, hacking and manipulating it. The relationship between the musicians moves between the two extremes of cooperation and aggression. The dense sound "magma" that gushes from this dynamic and multi-signal network during the performance creates imaginary soundscapes of great intensity and impact.

Duration: 20 minutes




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