DSC0053 lowThe project DRINNN! Come suona la mia scuola? (What does my school sound like?) is a series of workshops created in 2013, raising awareness on environmental sound in the classrooms of primary schools in Florence. School desks, chairs, pencils, pencil cases, and everything leading up to hands and feet transforms into audio material for original musical scores coming directly from the children’s creativity.


What happens if a classroom’s desks turn into percussion instruments? If the school bell becomes an element of a musical structure? If the children’s hands can make all kinds of sounds and noises? If paper can be the material for original sound scores?
Tempo Reale is offering a workshop to make children aware of sonic elements, intended for primary schools and included in the LE CHIAVI DELLA CITTÀ program: projects and educational paths for schools from the Department of Education of the Municipality of Florence.
In an unexpected and surprising way, children are engaged in a creative process which places the acoustics of the school area under an entirely new light. Children are guided towards the discovery of new ways to use their everyday production tools, their own hands, and even the most typical objects of school life. The workshop offers an itinerary which develops awareness of a familiar and well-known environment, such as the school, using active listening to discover its sonic value and unexpected potential, in a process of independent creative reorganisation.
An artistic approach to sonic elements within a space which is experienced on a daily basis allows to shift attention on the school as a sonic environment composed of spaces, object, and resonating bodies. The resources provided by the very same school environment will be optimised to facilitate the learning and creative processes, and to decrease lack of attention and listening difficulties, often identified as a significant feature of scholastic discomfort.