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On the 16th of June 2017, from 6 PM to 8 PM, Francesco Giomi and the H7-25 electroacoustic duo formed by Damiano Meacci and Gianluca Catuogno will be guests at Resonant Edge Festival 2017, which is held every year at Edge Hill University Art Centre. 



>Friday, June 16th, 18:00 hrs
Art Centre of Edge Hill University - Studio Theatre
Francesco Giomi live set

Produced by Ema Vinci, Emotional Soundscapes is the latest work by Francesco Giomi: a journey through various musical habitats, an alternation of broad sonic ranges and obsessive rhythmic textures. This is the completion of a project originated within the world of dance, now developing autonomously in an exclusively musical context.

>Friday, June 16th, 19:00 hrs 
Art Centre of Edge Hill University - Studio Theatre
Gianluca Catuogno e Damiano Meacci live set

H7-25 is an electronic/electroacoustic duo founded by Gianluca Catuogno and Damiano Meacci, born from the desire to play music together, to improvise, and to experiment. A polymorphic project which, while being distinguished by ample but well-defined sounds, transforms according to the acoustic characteristics of spaces and adapts to the nature of its performance contexts.

Info and tickets: www.edgehill.ac.uk