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Thurdsay 16th of may 2019, h 7 > 9 pm
Limonaia di Villa Strozzi, Florence

1. Ute Wassermann GORGO
For voice, whistles, and objects

2. Volkmar Klien ZUM GROßEN GANZEN
Opera acusmatica (2012)
Das Weiten, zum Großen hin
Ankündigung / Himmelszelt
Bestimmung Erscheinung / Niederkunft
Das Große, unmittelbar 

Electric guitar and electronics

Another three apparently unrelated tableaus, but each one is an expression of a meticulous exploration of the borders of musical language. From Germany, Ute Wassermann casts us into one of the most significant and original studies of vocal expression, in a solo of rare coherence and enjoyment. From Austria and its fertile scene, Volkmar Klein, a composer who is hard to define, is the protagonist of an acousmatic project which is structured and cohesive in a formal and timbric level. And finally, Stefano Pilia will formalise Tempo Reale’s investigation in territories divided between aesthetics and improvisation: the musician, with a background in the Bologna music scene – a collaborator of bands Massimo Volume and Afterhours – will perform a solo which blends avantgarde, underground, and pure sonic research dealing with “the relationships between space, memory, and time”.

Entry: 5€