soundride isolotto 2Saturday, September 22nd – 10:00 hrs
Piazza dell’Isolotto, Florence
A bicycle route to hear and reflect on the sonic landscape

Idea and direction Francesco Giomi

Discover the sound of the city and of some of its fundamental components, such as the Arno and the Isolotto area, by bike. Soundride is a guided bicycle route, made of stretches and stops that mark distances geographically allowing exploration and appreciation of its sounds, from the most striking and continuous to the most hidden. The main objective is to encourage individual growth from an acoustic standpoint, through reflection on the specific sensorial and semantic value of the sounds from the landscape we inhabit, and outdoor environments in particular. The event also aims to provide the conceptual tools needed to sensitise the audience on the relationship between sound and meaning in the everyday sonic experience – while having fun.

Participation free with bicycle
Meeting point: Piazza dell’Isolotto

In collaboration with Virgilio Sieni | Centro nazionale di produzione