Intertactive works at Tempo Reale

PUBLICATIONSTerra Fertile 2010

Over the past years, Tempo Reale has intensified its activity producing works related to sound and new technologies. Among the results of these activities are the three works we are presenting here: Osso by Virgilio Sieni, Spiral by Karlheinz Stockhausen, and The Table of Earth by David Moss. Despite belonging to different backgrounds, these works are all distinguished by a strong interaction between their performers and electronics, and the interaction is mediated by the use of “sensible tables” of various types and shapes; these tables perform the role of an actual musical instrument.

F. Giomi and D. Meacci, Opere interattive a Tempo Reale, Atti del Convegno "La terra fertile", Conservatorio di Sassari/Cemat, 2010.