IL SUONO DELLA RICERCA is a Tempo Reale project achieved thanks to the support of SIAE / Progetto SIAE – Classici di Oggi. This project is composed of four different actions, all connected to the subject of contemporary classical music Read More
  • SYMPHONY DEVICE. Sound Theatre for devices

    An actual concert for machines: everyday devices and appliances, TVs, hard disks, printers, scanners, blenders and more come alive in a musical perspective (hacked with distance control systems) and create an ensemble without human beings. Read More
  • TRK. Sound Club | III edizione

    TRK. Sound Club is back! This project by Tempo Reale is dedicated to the international experimental music scene: four new appointments taking place on a monthly basis, starting from January 2018. Read More

    Tempo Reale is involved in the European project THE SOUNDSCAPE WE LIVE IN, a strategic partnerships project, financially supported by the Erasmus+ program (2016-2019), developing around the soundscape's listening. Read More

    Founded by Luciano Berio in Florence in 1987, it is now one of the main European reference points for research, production and educational activities in the field of new musical technologies and electronic music
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Villa Strozzi

Villa Strozzi

Tempo Reale is located on a hill just outside the historical center of Florence, in the Oltrarno area (Quartiere 4), on the top floor of Villa Strozzi, a building from the 16th century restored in the 19th century by architect Giuseppe Poggi. Here are both the offices and the studios where production and research are carried on and some of the public events arranged by the center take place in this location as well.
Studio A is a production and post-production digital studio, equipped with audio devices, computers, and a multi channel sound diffusion system, used in main productions.
Studio B as well is equipped with audio devices, computers, and a modular multi channel sound diffusion system. Besides its use as production and post-production studio, Studio B also hosts minor public events (concerts and seminars) and various educational activities.
In the last years the centre has used the Limonaia di Villa Strozzi, that neighbors the villa, for a series of concerts of the Tempo Reale Festival.